Accurate Medical Billing & Coding

"Allowing providers to focus on patients, not paperwork!"

Accurate Medical Billing & Coding has over 12 years of experience in medical reimbursement.  We are a flexible medical billing service that is capable of meeting all of your financial needs.  We offer mutiple packages to help keep pricing competitive!

At Accurate Medical Billing & Coding, we are focused on providing the highest level of service with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Why should you outsource your billing needs with us?  Here's why...


1. We offer you the most important thing, time!  Time to focus solely on the quality of care given to patients. Trying to focus on new diseases, new treatments, and new billing regulations can all be overwhelming. It takes away from the time and attention your practice is able to give to its patients. Not only are we a medical billing service, we are selves are also patients. 


2. Saving money!!! Let's face it, we all love to save money.  By outsourcing, your saving money on paying multiple salaries and benefits like; 401K and medical. You also cut down on office supplies, material needs, furniture/equipment costs, and office space.


3. Improves practice cash flow. No longer will your billing needs be delayed by employee vacations or employees calling in sick/emergencies! Our company has the capiabilities of being able to login 24/7 to meet any needs that may arise. As long as charts are signed off or superbills are available, your practice will have a steady cash flow. 


4. Reduce the amount errors being made by using an experienced, professionial billing service.  We follow correct coding initiative guidelines.  We strive and take pride in releasing clean claims the first time out to payors. We also have extensive knowledge in rejections, denials, and the appeals process.  All non paid claims are appealed or reworked within 24 hours of receipt.


5. Increase practice revenue-our billing service offers a 24 hour turn around time on all documents provided to us!  With us following all CCI guidelines, quick turn around times, and a reduction in your practice overhead costs; you will see an increase in revenue.  We also offer contract and credentialing services to help ensure the practice revenue is at the highest level.


6.  HealthCare is a continuously changing industry. It's a full time job to making sure the practice is following the proper protocol required by each insurance payor. We stay up-to-date on the latest changes in regulations and requirements to maintain compliance and ensure the submission of clean claims.


7. We can improve patient satisfaction and office flow.  In many practices, the front desk is flooded by phone calls and walk in patients who have questions understanding documents and/or statements received. When a patient has to discuss a statement and/or document at the front window, there is no real privacy being given to that patient whether their standing there or on the phone.  Also, it causes a delay in other patients being able to check-in/out. Those patients become annoyed because they are now late and have to wait additional time to be seen. Patients typically are not going to the doctors because they are healthy. The patients are usually sick, sometimes even terminal.  Our staff understands the stress and moods this can cause. We provide excellent customer service to all!  As we stated previously, we are selves are patients. Also, we do understand insurance processing and we take the necessary time to thoroughly explain/discuss all billing concerns.